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Continental Stock Transfer and Trust – A Tested Stock Transfer Agent for Growing Companies

Continental Stock Transfer and Trust, a major stock transfer agent specializing in emergent companies, fully employs its five decades of history to better cater to its customers’ demands. From the start, Continental has been a privately-held corporation that partners with clients for the long term. Continental is the fourth largest agent in the United States and, yet, it provides its clients and their shareholders with personal attention from senior staff members, flexible offerings, innovative technology, exceptional execution and unmatched value.

As a transfer agent, Continental plays the critical role of record keeper, maintaining shareholder information including: names; addresses; taxpayer IDs; and certificate, book-entry and share detail. Along with its core offerings, the company has extended offerings that could be personalized for its clients and their shareholders. The Continental team strives to provide issuers and shareholders with fast answers and expert resources, such as continuous online account access from desktops, laptops or mobile devices and a secure, high-performing technology platform that makes it simple for shareholders to vote their proxy.

Continental was founded in 1964 and, in the years since, has responded with stability and agility to its client needs. The company endeavors to stay ahead of evolving rules, regulations and industry trends in order to uphold its responsibility to support its clients’ businesses. Continental strives to make its clients the center of attention.

Since its establishment, Continental has been committed to pursuing its vision: to support small and medium-sized emerging and growth companies with personalized business solutions and outstanding client awareness, accessibility and responsiveness. Continental is devoted to companies with 50,000 or fewer shareholders and, at present, it supports over 1,100 public issues or 2.5 million shareholders of record across the nation.

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