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Communication Compulsions Drive Chyron Corp. (CGS) Stock Values

We are in the midst of the Mother of all Battles. Forget about peace, for every surge makes the competition more resolute. Welcome to the hand-to-hand war for securing a piece of audience minds.

Revolution lords over the world of mass communications. Information and entertainment guerillas respect no turf. Mobile Moguls Make Mincemeat of Medieval Media. The Internet makes delicious pot luck out of newspapers, television, cinema, radio, and point-of-purchase. The million-dollar question is, how can anyone get public attention? The answer is worth billions.

Graphics are powerful communicators. They are easier to remember than any name or number. They transcend language and – if designed with care – cultures as well. They have subconscious effects in addition to the rational choices that consumers make. An artist or a producer never knows for certain how a graphic may be received by a target audience. Seemingly minor changes in colors and shapes can have enormous impacts. That is why interaction and iteration matter so much.

This small-capital company offers single-window solutions to mass communicators. Software written by this company can transform you from a person with negligible abstract intelligence to a professional artist. Mass media cannot do without such products and services.

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