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Clear Evidence of ICU Medical Inc. (ICUI) Business Progress

The Board has decided to buy back stock. There can be no more demonstrable sign that this small-capital corporation is en route to a bright future.

The corporation is in a vital sector of the economy. It makes devices to safeguard healthcare providers. Doctors, nurses, and para-medical workers run risks of infectious transfers from the patients they serve. The company helps professionals stay safe from accidental infected-needle pricks.

The company is based in the pioneering climes of San Clemente, CA. Net income has doubled during the Most Recent Quarter, after a spell of rather staid business. Gross revenues continue to be nearly stagnant, showing a clear management priority for profitability over haphazard market-share expansion. Sanguine stock investors will appreciate the long-term values that result for the stock.

Another reason for investor optimism with respect to this stock is that new product business has jumped by 65% during the Most Recent Quarter. This is particularly impressive in a situation of nearly stagnant total sales growth. A modernization of the product range bodes well for this stock.

Judicious collaboration is another distinguishing mark of the new management approach to building durable stock value. This corporation and its associates have systematically built a reputation for reliable quality and competitive pricing.

The outlook for the full year of 2008 appears to be positive. Apart from existing operations, the balance sheet has the strength to fund inorganic growth opportunities that could arise. This would be a good point in time to start watching ICU Medical.

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