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China Nutrifruit Group Ltd. (CNGL) to Upgrade Glazed Fruit and Juice Concentrate Production Lines

China Nutrifruit Group Ltd. is a leading producer of premium specialty fruit-based products in China. The company’s food and drink products are processed primarily from fruits grown in northeast China including golden berry, crab apple, blueberry and raspberry.

The company today announced that it is currently making technological upgrades to its glazed fruit production line in Daqing and concentrate juice production line in Mudanjiang. China Nutrifruit expects to complete the upgrade process by next month. It estimates that the total capital expenditure for the upgrades to be approximately $4.9 million.

As part of the upgrade process, China Nutrifruit is currently carrying out machine maintenance activities at the company’s glazed fruit production line. The company expects such upgrades to enhance operational efficiency at its Daquing plant. It is also installing additional processing equipment at its juice concentrate production line. This will raise China Nutrifruit’s annual capacity by 50 percent, from 6,000 tons to 9,000 tons.

China Nutrifruit, thanks to the upgrades, also announced plans today to begin production of cherry tomato glazed fruit products and is introducing new golden berry dried fruit products later this year. For further information on China Nutrifruit Group Limited, please visit the company’s website at

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