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China Medicine Corporation (CHME) is “One to Watch”

China Medicine Corp., operating in the Wholesale Trade sector and established in 2005 as Lounsberry Holdings III, Inc., is a Delaware-registered company which in 2006 acquired Guangzhou Konzern Medicine Co., Ltd as its wholly owned subsidiary, and subsequently changed its name to China Medicine Corp.

Operating in the People’s Republic of China, the company distributes both licensed, prescription pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter (OTC) remedies. Their OTC remedies include Chinese herbs and traditional Chinese medications made from these herbs, as well as nutritional and dietary supplements and medical instruments. The total distribution encompasses more than 2,000 products and product lines.

China Medicine Corp. also engages in proprietary research and development of new drugs with the intent of creating products and intellectual properties for sale. The short term focus is on nutritional supplements, while the mid-term focus is on prescription and OTC drugs. The company’s ultimate goal is to develop traditional Chinese medicines which can prevent or alleviate cancerous tumors.

The company currently has four patents registered with the PRCs State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) covering production protocols, and seven other patents awaiting SFDA approval. One of the company’s products is Iopamidol, a CT-contrast dye. Another is SonoVue, a diagnostic imaging agent containing sulfur hexafluoride used in ultrasound testing. Combined with its superior R&D, China Medicine Corp. actively seeks vertically integrated acquisitions focused on pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

China Medicine Corp. maintains an extensive sales network which is currently expanding into the more rural areas of Guangdong province. Elsewhere, the company distributes to 28 provinces in China, including more than 300 hospitals, 500 medical/pharmaceutical companies and 1,800 drugstores. All of the company’s sales and marketing personnel are responsible not only for initial sales but for after-sale services as well, including follow-up visits with hospitals and customers, providing the sort of customer satisfaction and feedback that guarantees repeat sales and satisfied referrals.

China Medicine Corp. intends, with the help of its superb sales team, experienced management, advanced technology and dedicated R&D team, to become a leader in China’s pharmaceutical industry, delivering benefits to consumers and significant returns to shareholders.

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