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China Housing & Land Development (CHLN) is “One to Watch”

Located in Xi’an, China Housing & Land Development is a leading real estate developer of residential and commercial buildings and land in northwest China. For nearly two decades the company has been acquiring, developing, managing and selling residential and commercial real estate properties and land through its wholly-owned subsidiaries in China.

Leveraging strong relationships with China’s local state authorities, China Housing & Land Development has been able to capitalize on the supply of available land and develop residential and commercial properties. The company has proven its ability to outperform competitors in medium size residential and commercial real estate developments in greater Xi’an.

Currently three analysts track the stock. One says it’s a “strong buy”, while the other two say it’s a “buy”. The average price target is $5.50. The company currently holds $318.5 million in assets and $227.5 million in liabilities. With $68.3 million cash on hand and a market cap of only $66.83 million, the company’s stock trades below total cash per share.

Technical analysis wise, over the past 14 months the stock has retreated from $6.59 to the $2 range and appears to be establishing a solid support level. With so much upside potential from this deeply discounted level and expectations for favorable future growth, investors would be foolish not to spend a bit more time conducting further due diligence on this real estate developer.

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