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China Green Agriculture, Inc. (CGA) Leader in Chinese Fertilizer Industry

China Green Agriculture manufactures and distributes 131 different fertilizer products in 27 provinces in China. The company’s products are derived from Humic Acid, a naturally occurring compound that is found in decomposing plant and animal material that is present in peat, lignite or coal. The company uses weathered coal as its main source of raw material.

Since the company’s products are considered “green” or organically based, it makes them that much more attractive in an era where many consumers and customers are more sensitive to environmental concerns. The company plans 21 new product introductions for fiscal 2009.

Fertilizer products are currently categorized in three areas. Broad Spectrum products can be used on any type of crop, tailored products are designed for specific crops, and functional products have specific characteristics, like growth or blooming. China Green Agriculture manufactures products in all three categories, making the company one of the leaders in the Fertilizer Industry.

This leadership is reflected in China Green Agriculture’s growth over the last few years, which has seen revenues grow from $7.9 million in 2006 to $22.6 million in 2008. This represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 69%. The company is expecting as much as 40% growth in earnings in 2009.

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