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China Distance Education Holdings Limited (NYSE: DL) Makes an Enticing Investment Offer

Here is a great new stock investment opportunity. It comes from China and is a new listing on the NYSE. The business relates to distance education. The company has earned a Net Profit Margin of 43.31% on a Trailing Twelve Months Basis. August 2008 has opened for the stock with a price below $7. Why is this a special investment opportunity?

The phenomenal role of China in world business demands English literacy of the local population. Multi-media technology makes it feasible for people everywhere to learn new languages through the Internet.

Professional business management is another skill to which large numbers of Chinese aspire. This covers not just students and young people, but entrepreneurs and employees who aspire for career progression.

Any China business has a lever of numbers. This advantage applies to the stock under discussion. Distance education has mind-boggling potential in the populous business environment of China.

This company has three competitive advantages to give it an edge within the Chinese distance education market segment. Firstly, its courses are affordable with mass appeal potential. Secondly, card-access is widely available through an extensive distribution network. This helps in an environment in which Internet penetration has not matured. Thirdly, the company offers refunds for its professional courses in case customers do not pass. This is an important element of customer satisfaction.

The stock offers twin advantages of large market potential and effective business organization. This makes it a top pick from the Schools Industry at this point in time.

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