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China Direct, Inc. (AMEX: CDS) is “One to Watch”

China Direct is a business management and advisory services company operating in those two categories in both the U.S. and the People’s Republic of China (PRC). In cooperation with its U.S. parent company, China Direct works to facilitate both North American investment in Chinese business and foreign business entry into the complex and often confusing regulatory aspects of Chinese commerce.

China Direct is the result of a recognized market need for both investment capital and management acumen for smaller businesses, defined as businesses with annual revenues of under $100 million. For these businesses, China Direct provides a support base from which these companies can negotiate the Chinese business scene successfully to mature into serious contenders.

The management services division works by acquiring a controlling interest in businesses. These then become portfolio companies, and are nurtured by an array of business resources to speed their efficiency and growth. These business resources can include, but are not limited to, management advice, investment capital, business development services and financial management.

The advisory services division provides consulting services to both Chinese businesses wanting to enter US capital markets, and North American businesses looking for opportunities in the PRC. Because of its diversified mix of Chinese and American business professionals, China Direct can meet the individual needs of every client by creatively tailoring a package to suit every need and venue. Trading on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol CDS, China Direct, a public company, has offices in both the US and Canada, and has been operating successfully since 2001 to provide a series of advantages critical to the success of China’s business entities.

Demonstrated success in a number of cross-border transactions verifies the company’s expertise with both the cultural and legal challenges of Chinese commerce and the intricacies of U.S. capital markets – a success inevitably leading to greater shareholder value and future referrals by satisfied clients.

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