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China Agro-Technology Ltd. (CAGTF) Secures $300 Million Funding Commitment

China Agro-Technology Ltd. (CAT), a leader in agricultural genetic engineering announced it has secured approval for loan financing of three tranches of $100 Million each. This financing will be to fund biological asset acquisitions, the expansion of crushing plants, plantation management, and the establishment of increased storage facilities and bio-diesel refineries.

The refining of Crude Jatropha Oil for bio-diesel forms is one of the fundamental building blocks in CAT’s expansion strategy. The Company seeks to obtain strong profits from the application of agro-technology enhancements in scaling nurseries to support sustained plantation growth with modern management systems. CAT will be better able to focus on its core competencies of meeting the global demand for bio-diesel products with access to affordable financing in support of this plan.

“CAT’s global vision is just the beginning to take shape with this initiative into the Middle East and this endorsement cannot be more significant.” states Dr. Harry He, Founder and Chairman of CAT. “Combined with our recent engagements in the US and Europe as well as our business focus in Asia, CAT is in a solid position to realize our global vision sooner rather than later.”

YT Lee, CAT Senior Advisor said, “The numerous years of self-funding and sustenance by the Company are just beginning to pay off. With the intended market leadership of CJO production clearly in CAT’s sights after the recent plantation acquisitions in Indonesia, the significance of this financing access cannot be downplayed. As the China-centric concern with a deep Asian heritage, it was difficult not to conveniently access the huge pool of funds readily available in Asia. It was important to forge a new link with one of the most significant growth regions for capital sourcing and funding in the world.”

Mr. Jalil Al-Saidi, Chairman and CEO of AL Manarah Investment stated, “It is relatively easy to seek funding and financing for good and profitable companies, but working with CAT has been a real pleasure. Not only do the excellent business model and numbers speaks for themselves but the more pressing social and environmental issues and concerns are clearly taken care of responsibly. It is no wonder that we have received such resounding subscriptions to this financing initiative with more support to come for CAT’s future needs. This financial endorsement goes beyond existing good management, business plans and bottom line, but is an investment decision for the future as we truly believe in the well designed and sustainable structure put in place and executed by CAT in a choice sector with extreme growth potential.”

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