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Ceragon Networks Ltd. (CRNT) to Get $9 Million from Digitel Mobile Philippines for 2G/3G Expansion

Ceragon Networks announced today that it will get $9 million from Digitel Mobile Philippines for mobile backhaul network equipment as part of an ongoing expansion of Digitel’s 2G/3G cellular services. Digitel, operating under the brand name of Sun Cellular, is the fastest growing mobile telecommunications provider in the Republic of the Philippines, the world’s 12th most populous nation with over 92 million people. Ceragon’s wireless backhaul systems use microwave technology to transfer large amounts of telecommunication traffic between base stations and the core of the service provider’s network.

Digitel has provided many follow-on orders to Ceragon, a longtime supplier of high-capacity wireless backhaul solutions to Digitel. The orders are in support of two major projects in the Philippines, one to expand 2G service capacity in the north and one to deliver 3G services to the south. Both projects are part of Digitel’s Ceragon-enabled migration to an all-IP Ethernet backhaul network. Digitel cited Ceragon’s proven track record in providing robust, cost-effective, turnkey solutions and services.

Ceragon President and CEO, Ira Palti, said, “Reliably delivering a demanding range of 3G services and IP-based multimedia applications is a great challenge for operators today. And with microwave clearly representing the most physically-resilient approach to backhaul, Ceragon looks forward to supporting the high-reliability demands of Digitel’s expanding cellular networks for many years to come.”

Digitel Sr. Technical Advisor, Patrick Lam, added, “Microwave is an ideal approach to quickly and easily setting up the most cost-efficient and consistently reliable backhaul network. Our Ceragon-based backhaul even withstood last year’s devastating typhoon and flooding, making Digitel the only operator able to keep delivering vital telecom services to people in some of the devastated areas of the country.”

Ceragon is a leading provider of high-capacity LTE/4G ready wireless backhaul solutions, allowing cellular operators and other wireless service providers to deliver advanced voice and data services. Ceragon systems are deployed by more than 200 service providers of all sizes, as well as in hundreds of private networks, in more than 130 countries.

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