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Central European Media Enterprises, Ltd. (CETV) is “One to Watch”

Central European Media Enterprises is the leading television broadcaster in Central and Eastern Europe, and operates the following stations: TV NOVA and Galaxie Sport in the Czech Republic, PRO TV, PRO TV International, ACASA, PRO CINEMA and in Romania, TV Markíza in the Slovak Republic, POP TV and Kanal A in Slovenia and Studio 1+1, 1+1 International, Kino and City in Ukraine and Nova TV in Croatia.

The Company began when its founder, Ronald Lauder, imagined a better world where freedom of speech and thought would govern people’s lives; where a consumer economy would power economic growth; and where the growth of independent commercial television would yield great financial returns. Ronald Lauder’s vision has now been realized. Central European Media Enterprises’ great success can be attributed to its strategic business strategy and solid leadership.

The company’s third quarter results were announced last month which revealed a 55% increase in net revenues compared to the same period in 2006. Michael Garin, CEO of Central European Media, commented, “Our third quarter results highlight the continued strength of our operations across all markets. I am particularly pleased by the strong performance of our Ukrainian operations. We have recently increased our 2007 guidance and look forward to continuing our position as the fastest growing multinational broadcaster.”

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