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CEL-SCI Corporation’s (CVM) Multikine® Product First Comprehensive Immunotherapy Treatment for Cancer

CEL-SCI Corporation (CVM.AMEX) is a biotechnology company involved in the research and development of immunotherapy products for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. Multikine®, the company’s flagship cancer product, will begin global Phase III clinical trial in 2008. Multikine® is the first immunotherapeutic agent being tested as a first-line standard of care cancer treatment. Multikine® is a non-traditional approach to cancer treatment that utilizes the body’s natural ability to fight tumors.

Multikine® is also the first of a new class of cancer immunotherapy drugs. It is the first comprehensive immunotherapy and the first immune simulator. This product is unique in its ability to directly penetrate the tumor cells and activate a robust anti-tumor immune response. To be successful as an immunotherapeutic agent, Multikine® needs to be administered as a first-line treatment, before the immune system could be damaged by traditional therapies such as chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.

CEL-SCI has spent years publishing a significant body of data for Multikine® in peer reviewed scientific journals, including: findings demonstrating that Multikine® has the potential to enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation in the laryngoscope (2003); a presentation of Multikine® Phase II data at the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting (2004); Multikine®’s mechanism of action and immunological data in the Journal of Clinical Oncology (2005); and a follow-up of the final Phase II study in which Multikine® showed a 33 percent increase in overall survival 3.5 years after surgery (2006). The global Phase III trial is expected to start in 2008.

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