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Capstone Turbine Corp. (CPST) Reports Company’s Largest Sale of Micro Turbines to New Zealand Electric Bus Company

Solutions to a particular problem don’t always need to be researched. Sometimes they have been in use for quite some time, but not taken advantage of. Eventually, these products are found and put to great use. When they are, profit potential is usually right behind.

Capstone Turbine Corporation, a micro turbine manufacturer, works to offer micro turbine electrical generator solutions to a wide variety of customers. City centers, remote locations, supermarkets, office buildings and transportation all have energy needs that can take advantage of this company’s products and services.

Perhaps the largest advantage that the company’s products offer is their versatility. They can be used as stand-alone energy generators or as multi-pack systems. They can also be run off a variety of fuels that offer better emissions and economy. Fuels that can be used in the company’s micro turbines include: natural gas, biogas, flare gas, kerosene and diesel. A further advantage of the product is that it can be run connected to a grid or not.

The importance of having reliable electrical supplies, whether backup or primary, is critical to successful business practice in many energy sensitive markets. It is the company’s history, however, that makes it uniquely positioned for future growth. As the world looks for alternative transportation resources, the company can point to ten years of providing micro turbines to the transportation industry. Its latest success in this arena is a recently-announced $5 million sale to DesignLine of New Zealand. The 150 unit sale is one of the company’s largest sales and likely the first of many. A single DesignLine bus saves, on average, 6,000 gallons of fuel by using a micro turbine.

The future is slated to focus on smaller vehicles as demand soars for hybrid cars. As the company continues to take orders from around the world, it is continually working to meet demand. Russia has turned out to be a larger market then expected, as are many other foreign markets. Capstone Turbine is in a bright place at the moment and it may be in an even brighter place in the near future.

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