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Canadian Solar Inc. (CSIQ) Provides 35k Solar Modules to 8 MW Plant in France

Canadian Solar, – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar components and modules, reported today the supply of some 35k high-quality/high-performance Canadian Solar CS6P 230-Watt solar modules to the 17-acre, 8 MW solar plant inaugurated yesterday by EOSOL Energies and the Caisse des depots et consignations in Villeneuve de Marsan, Aquitaine, France.

EOSOL Energies Nouvelles has been a leading force in transforming the French energy sector and this grouping with the Caisse des depots et des consignations as the project company “SAS SOLANDES” has resulted in an extremely confident operating platform that has most of France within striking distance for future development.

This new plant will offset some 9.18k tons of CO2, delivering enough energy to power 2,500 homes and follows fast on the heels of another, similar EOSOL/Canadian Solar project that saw some 6k square meters of solar panels installed in the town of Le Barp, in Aquitaine. That first plant currently delivers some 230 KW of green energy and formed a strong working relationship between EOSOL and the Company.

Chairman and CEO of CSIQ, Dr. Shawn (Xiaohua) Qu, held up the deal as a shining example of the Company’s continually proven ability to generate strategic momentum in a key market, by shrewdly leveraging a developed relationship with a local partner that has the logistics on lock down. Qu pointed to the glowing endorsements from EOSOL and other partners of the Company’s product line, which is known throughout the industry for exemplary durability, performance and product lifespan, as being the glue that holds such deals together.

The Company’s warranty programs, a 6-year product and 25-year performance, are jointly insured by top European/US insurance companies and offer a further umbrella of protection which CSIQ business partners have come to know and trust.

President of the EOSOL Group, M. Bruno Bernal, called the selection of CSIQ an easy one, citing the Company’s track record and reputation for high-quality products, meticulous design and advanced production techniques that result in high-yield end products. Bernal further illustrated the simplicity of this selection by explaining that CSIQ’s extensive product field testing and the quantitatively higher energy production validated thereby, as well as the inclusion of an industry-leading plus power tolerance, made the Company’s products substantially superior to anything the competition had to offer.

The relationship cemented by previous dealings, thanks in large part to the careful nurturing by CSIQ’s management of emerging opportunities in key target markets, pushed the decision over the line in the Company’s favor and EOSOL has already earmarked CSIQ for future development in France.

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