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CAM Commerce Solutions Inc. (CADA) Posts Impressive Business Results

The Computer Services Industry may have a comparatively low profile, but it has an essential place in almost all contemporary enterprises. Since automation is so closely linked to productivity improvements, this business can expect to grow even in situations of slackening demand.

This company is a good choice within the Computer Services Industry. Management has just hiked dividend by 72% over the previous year. This stunning reward for investors comes on the back of very strong business performance. The processing business line has grown annually by 67% during the Most Recent Quarter.

Profitability improvement is a most encouraging feature of this particular stock. The Pre-Tax Margin has improved 7% percentage points through excellent management of the product mix. The Gross Margin has grown 10 percentage points during the last four quarters compared to the five-year average. The Net Profit Margin has nearly doubled on a Trailing Twelve Months basis compared to the five-year average.

Management is confident that 2008 prospects are nearly as good as 2007 progress. The entire field force has been revamped and better market shares are expected during the coming months. Demand for retail and payment solutions are likely to grow as store managements look for ways to contain fixed costs.

The company has a focused position on small and medium enterprises. This makes revenues stable compared to dependence on just a handful of large accounts. Small business owners will appreciate the complete array of technical and after-sales-support services arranged by this company.

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