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California Micro Devices Corp. (CAMD) Supplies Semiconductor Products

With their corporate headquarters in Milpitas, California, California Micro Devices Corp. is a supplier of application-specific analog and mixed signal semiconductor products. Trading on the NASDAQ, the company’s products are for the mobile handset, digital consumer electronics, and personal computer markets. Founded in 1980, the company’s market capitalization is $71.16 million.

Their product suite consists of electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters with electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. These are for mobile handsets display, imager, speaker, headphone, high-speed serial data, microphone, and smart-card interfaces. California Micro Devices products also include standard ESD protection devices for personal computers that protect standard data interfaces on desktop and notebook computers, keyboard and battery terminals, and user interface devices, such as buttons.

The company’s products also include low capacitance ESD protection devices for digital consumer electronics and personal computers. These offer ESD protection while maintaining the quality of signal for high-speed data interfaces. These ESD devices also offer voltage level shifting, backdrive, and overcurrent protection in digital televisions, DVD players, DVD recorders, and digital set top boxes.

California Micro Devices Corp. sells their semiconductor products for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) through original design manufacturers, contract electronics manufacturers, a direct sales force, manufacturer’s representatives, and distributors. Manufacturing entities that produce the company’s products are ASMC in Shanghai, China; Sanyo and Epson in Japan; and MagnaChip in Korea. California Micro Devices currently has 106 employees. Their revenue for fiscal year 2008, ended March 30, was $59.2 million.

In July, California Micro Devices announced financial results for the first quarter of fiscal 2009, which ended June 30, 2008. Revenue increased to $14.1 million from $13.1 million a year ago, while EPS on a GAAP basis was $0.04 compared to $0.05 a year ago. The company noted that GAAP financial results met guidance at the low end. Robert V. Dickinson, President, and Chief Executive Officer said, “We were pleased to see our revenue grow year on year for the first time in almost two years. Furthermore, while our revenue increased by eight percent compared to the first quarter of last year, bookings increased by 22 percent year on year.”

California Micro Devices Corp. continues to supply state-of-the-art semiconductor products for diverse applications. With the burgeoning mobile handset and digital consumer electronic market, they strive to provide their customers top quality products on time. Their mission is to continue to work under the California sun for their customers’ and shareholders benefit alike.

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