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Cadiz Inc. (CDZI) – Watering for Future Growth

Cadiz Inc. (CDZI) is a California company that sees the importance of preserving and maintaining the two most precious resources we have; water and land. This publicly held water resource and real estate development firm has their headquarters in Los Angeles. They own over 45,000 acres of land in three areas of the state.

Cadiz is part of the Business Services sector and trades on NASDAQ. They have a market capitalization of $185.1M. They began in 1983 and acquired 10,000 acres of land in Cadiz Valley, California that year. Land studies indicated that this property rested over a large aquifer system. These aquifers allow for groundwater extraction through water wells, due to California’s unique water resources legislation.

Cadiz Inc.’s focus is to preserve the best use of their land and water resource assets. They are developing their Cadiz Valley Groundwater Storage Project on their Cadiz Valley property in eastern San Bernardino County. This project is an underground water storage and supply program, and consists of 34,000 acres. Experts estimate this Cadiz Valley property holds approximately 30 to 40 million acre-feet of native groundwater, naturally replenished by rain and snowfall every year.

Cadiz also owns property in Piute Valley. This holding consists of 9,000 acres and is fifteen miles from Laughlin, Nevada. The assets here are the land itself and a reserve of high-quality groundwater. They also own property near Danby Dry Lake, which is thirty miles from Cadiz. This site has excellent potential as a groundwater storage and supply project. This landholding is 2,000 acres.

Cadiz also manages their agricultural operations. For over twenty years, they have operated this component of their business. They currently have 1,600 acres of property developed for agriculture. In 1993, Cadiz received recognition as the largest agricultural operation in San Bernardino County.

With water a resource in high-demand worldwide, and especially in California, Cadiz is in a position to be a valued provider. With their high-quality groundwater resources, they are ready to provide it for the water storage, agricultural, recreational, and residential uses the state needs.

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