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Business and Social Compulsions to Invest in SenoRx Inc. (SENO)

Discrimination against women separates social errors of the past from modern and free civilizations of the developed world. Unfortunately, some manifestations of this obnoxious phenomenon are subtle. They may lurk below the surface even in communities that take pride in their liberated values.

There is a case for positive discrimination in favor of women. Some of this is related to sexual differences (not superiority) in human anatomy and physiology. Breast cancer is a prime example. This condition, which threatens life and is painful to treat, affects one gender selectively. Here is a company from Aliso Viejo, CA that is dedicated to early detection of breast cancer and its management in relatively painless ways for women patients.

Investors need not support this small capital stock for emotional reasons alone. The company has more than a thousand diagnostic and treatment centers throughout North America. Regulators have cleared 17 of the company’s proprietary products for commercial operations. This is a special achievement for a corporation that started only in 1998. The company holds 43 patents in the United States and 13 in the European Union. More than 85 other patent applications are pending. Top financial institutions own 40% of the company stock. Revenues have grown annually by nearly 39% during the most recent quarter. The company appears set for an era of profit, growth and social service.

Fortunately, investors of either sex can join in this remarkable success story by investing in the stock. The mid-May 2008 price was $7.25 against a 52-week range of $5.34-$11.10.

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