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BioCurex, Inc. (BOCX) Files Provisional Patent Application

BioCurex, Inc. is actively involved with product development in cancer diagnostics, imagery, and therapeutic technologies. One of the company’s prime areas of focus is its patented RECAF™ technology, which is capable of identifying the RECAF cancer marker in test subjects.

The application filed by BioCurex on Tuesday includes the protection of various methods for detecting RECAF in bodily fluids. It goes on to illustrate believed advancements in the area of cancer imaging and treatment based on RECAF technology.

“This new patent application is the result of several years of intense work and it reflects the value added to our company resulting from that investment in time and money,” states BioCurex CEO Dr. Moro, “there are other improvements that will be the subject of new patent applications to be filed in the near future. This strategy is intended to stake the RECAF technology with a number of patent claims in a way that will prevent others from circumventing our patents as well as extending the protection period of our technology.”

The provisional application will remain undisclosed for up to a year-and-a-half at the discretion of BioCurex officials. Upon review and eventual acceptance, the company’s RECAF™ technology will be protected for an additional twenty-one years.

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