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BioClinica, Inc. (BIOC) and Mirada Medical Partner for New Era of Molecular Image Analysis in Clinical Trials

BioClinica, a global provider of clinical trial management solutions, today announced a collaborative agreement with Mirada Medical, a leading provider of medical image analysis software, to integrate Miranda’s XD3 software solution into BioClinica’s existing imaging core lab technology. This partnership will allow BioClinica to further augment its PET capabilities and expertise for molecular imaging trials.

Mirada Medical’s XD3 software delivers specialized tools along with efficient workflows used for the quantification and tracking of findings for major modalities including PET, CT, MR, and MR/PET. BioClinica’s detailed evaluation of available molecular imaging solutions led to the selection of Mirada. Mirada offers not only cutting edge image analysis, but also the ability to interface with CT and MRI as well as PET images. The application of these capabilities into BioClinica’s technology will expand and improve on image registration and fusion capabilities in studies where multiple modalities are utilized.

BioClinica opted to enter into of a tactical partnership with Mirada, rather than simply utilizing their software, with the goal of fostering innovation while molecular imaging technology continues to progress. The integration of Mirada’s XD3 software into BioClinica’s processes and workflows will greatly augment the already substantial capabilities of BioClinica’s technologies such as BioPACS and BioREAD. The combination of these technologies will result in high performing imaging workflow and processing programs capable of helping trial sponsors take advantage of the superior imaging results made available through PET scans and multi-modal technology.

This partnership will allow BioClinica’s PET image processing capabilities to support the following features:

• Enhanced capabilities for PERCIST tumor response assessment criteria
• Normalization of uptake by body weight, lean body mass, or body surface area for SUV measurements
• Registration and fusion capabilities between PET, CT, and MR
• Customizable workflow and user interface to provide flexibility in the independent read design

“Adding Mirada technology to our oncology trial process takes BioClinica’s already robust imaging core lab services to a new level,” said Dr. Andy Dzik-Jurasz, BioClinica’s Senior Medical Director of Medical Affairs. “By adding XD3 to our workflow, BioClinica will offer the most sophisticated level of clinical analysis available for oncology PET scan image processing.”

“Mirada is delighted to partner with an innovative industry leader like BioClinica,” said Timor Kadir, Chief Science and Technology Officer at Mirada Medical. “We are excited to see BioClinica’s innovative utilization of XD3’s superior quantification and world class image fusion to achieve more accurate and reproducible results for their trial sponsors.”

As a result of this agreement, Mirada Medical will be presenting at BioClinica’s User Conference in October, a two day event featuring valuable presentations, case studies, and discussions aimed to help BioClinica imaging core lab customers and eClinical solutions users uncover methods producing faster, more efficient clinical trials.

To learn more about the conference, visit

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