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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Sierra Wireless Inc. (SWIR)

Sierra Wireless Inc. provides wireless wide area modem solutions for the mobile computing, rugged mobile, and machine-to-machine (M2M) markets. They offer innovative wireless solutions that meet customer’s needs.

Sierra Wireless has shown itself to be a leader in the wireless market by delivering a range of solutions for mobile application. Being cost effective, innovative and responsive to the needs of its customers has set the company apart from their competitors.

The trend for remote connectivity and data access is fueled by demand for real-time access to information, including the Internet, corporate intranets, and e-mail. Sierra Wireless, along with its partners, have developed a complete wireless solution in sales force automation, public safety, transportation, e-commerce, health care and utilities.

Their products and solutions are able to connect people, their mobile computers, and fixed terminals to wireless voice and mobile broadband networks. These products are confidently used by businesses, consumers, and government organizations, and are sold worldwide through indirect channels, including wireless operators, resellers, and OEMs.

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