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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA)

NVIDIA Corporation, a multinational corporation engaged in visual computing technologies, offers programmable graphics processor technologies worldwide. The company’s products generate realistic, interactive graphics on consumer and professional computing devices. NVIDIA designs various graphic processing unit product families that support PCs, personal digital assistants, cellular phones, video game consoles and other digital consumer electronics devices.

The company operates in four segments: Graphic Processing Unit (GPU), Media and Communications Processor (MCP), Professional Solutions Business (PSB), and Consumer Products Business (CPB). The GPU product group includes products that support desktop and notebook personal computers. The MCP segment comprises NVIDIA nForce products that operate as a single-chip or chipset that provide system functions, such as high speed storage and network communications.

The PSB segment of NVIDIA’s business offers professional workstation products and other professional graphics products, including high-performance computing products. The CPB segment provides mobile brands and products that support handheld personal media players, personal digital assistants, cellular phones and other handheld devices. This segment also licenses video game consoles and other digital consumer electronics devices.

The company sells its products under the following brand names: NVIDIA GeForce®, NVIDIA Tesla(tm), NVIDIA GoForce®, NVIDIA Quadro® and NVIDIA nForce®. NVIDIA markets to original equipment manufacturers, original design manufacturers, add-in-card manufacturers, system builders and consumer electronics companies. Its graphics chips are used by major PC makers, such as Apple, Dell, Gateway and Hewlett-Packard , as well as in add-in boards and motherboards produced by ASUSTeK Computer and other companies.

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