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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc. (ATNI)

Atlantic Tele-Network is an international telecommunications company that is headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts. Providing voice and data communications into and out of Guyana through fiber optic cables, they are the largest cellular provider in that country.

Through Commnet Wireless, LLC, they are able to provide voice and data roaming services in rural areas of the United States. Reaching into Bermuda they have achieved great success through Bermuda Digital Communications, Ltd., and are able to provide state of the art mobile voice services through their network, including mobile broadband services.

Throughout New England and Vermont, they have provided their customers with facility based integrated voice and broadband data communication services. These services are made possible through their subsidiary Sovernet Communications, Inc.

The Virgin Islands have also brought great success to the company. Through its subsidiary Choice Communications, LLC, they provide wireless digital cable television services, wireless broadband services, and dial-up Internet services.

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