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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Alanco Technologies Inc. (ALAN)

Alanco Technologies is a Scottsdale, AZ-based leader in the wireless asset management/tracking sector via its StarTrak Systems subsidiary, which specializes in GPS tracking and wireless asset management for the transportation industry.

StarTrak products allow for remote inspection of critical data on refrigerated transportation trailers, trucks, railcars and containers, including location, temperature and coolant fuel levels, and its fully integrated solutions for tracking and monitoring (with subscription monitoring and control) result in higher ROI, improved supply chain/process efficiency, and real-time situational awareness.

As a constant leader in innovation, StarTrak provides cutting-edge capabilities like complete two-way remote configuration of the refrigeration unit microcontroller. The Company’s Reefer Access Management Platform (RAMP) network offers unprecedented flexibility, extensibility and interoperability with other products or communications alternatives, and even boasts data integration capabilities with customer shipping applications.

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