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B & D Food Corp. (BDFC) is Concentrating on Coffee

From their headquarters in New York City, B & D Food Corp. operates to acquire companies and plantations around the globe that grow, process, and distribute high-quality Arabica coffees. As part of the Processed and Packaged Goods industry, they trade on the OTCBB. B & D’s corporate goal is to be a significant player in all aspects of coffee. This includes involvement in the process from initial production to distribution.

Their system of operation means full integration, from “Tree-to-Cup” as they call it. In 2007, they acquired large plantations in Ethiopia in order to plant and grow their own coffee beans. Their Babiya Farm in Jimma, Ethiopia is 12,500 acres (5,000 hectares) of prime coffee-growing land. The company is using the expertise of Juan Romero, a Brazilian agronomical engineer, to develop this farm. The first 2,500 acres of land is currently being readied and planted. The company expects to harvest their first crop on this parcel of land in 2010.

B & D Food Corp. produces different kinds of coffees, from ground to roasted whole-bean and instant varieties. They also make several mixtures of coffee and tea for their two in-house brands, as well as third party brands. Company management has 25 years of various coffee-business experience from which to draw as they move the company forward.

On January 24, 2008, B&D signed an agreement to become the lead shareholder of the three entities of The Canaan Group of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. One is Socan Produtos Alimentícios Ltda., which is Brazil’s 12th largest coffee roaster. This entity controls three of Rio de Janeiro’s most popular brands, which are Café Maroccos, Café Canaan, and Cafe Mendense. The second entity is Leite Canaan Indústria e Comércio Ltda. This is a powdered milk processor capable of processing 50,000 gallons per day into 16.7 million tons per day of powdered milk. The third entity is Geskan Indústria e Comércio Ltda.

They are a food service company, and can produce and distribute large quantities of easy-to-use capsules and machines for home and office use. B&D continues to build on their first instant coffee processing factory in Cruzeiro, Brazil, and they are now a multi-national, diversified company operating innovatively in today’s coffee market. Their current goal is to foster further growth through the acquisition of plantations, and processing and distribution companies, around the world. They are also currently negotiating additional farms in Ethiopia and in other source countries worldwide.

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