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Ashworth Inc. (ASHW) – Living the Sporting Life

The next time you’re playing your favorite golf course, check out the pro shop. There’s a good chance they’re carrying Ashworth products. As part of the Textile-Apparel Clothing sector, Ashworth Inc. (ASHW) designs, manufactures, and distributes headwear, apparel, and accessories. They market their products under the Kudzu, The Game, and Ashworth brands.

The Game is a leading headwear brand, which Ashworth sells in college bookstores. The Kudzu brand focuses on NASCAR/racing markets. Kudzu products sell in outdoor sports distribution channels like golf courses. Ashworth also involves themselves in the licensing of their products. Ashworth sells their products mainly in the U.S., Canadian, and European markets.

Located in Carlsbad, California, the company trades on NASDAQ. They have approximately 600 full-time employees. The company began in 1987 and today they own and operate 18 retail stores in twelve states. Their products include polo shirts, jerseys, pullovers, vests, and jackets. Their product lines are for men, women, and children.

Ashworth also markets knit and woven shirts, pants, and shorts. They promote their products to specialty advertising firms that deal with the corporate market. The Ashworth selling networks are golf pro shops, resorts, upscale department stores, and entertainment complexes. Their markets also include colleges and universities, specialty stores, and retail outlet-type stores. Ashworth also sells to sporting goods dealers who tap into the high school and college markets.

Ashworth’s CEO is Allan H. Fletcher. He is the founder of Fletcher Leisure Group, Inc. (“FLG”). This company is one of Canada’s leading suppliers of branded golf apparel, sportswear, and golf equipment. His focus is to reduce operating costs, optimize the efficiency of Ashworth’s supply chain, and satisfy core customers. With this focus, the company is working hard to position themselves for sustained long-term growth.

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