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Arch Coal, Inc. (ACI) is “One to Watch”

Arch Coal, Inc. (NYSE: ACI) is one of the nation’s largest and most efficient coal producers, engaging in the production and sale of steam and metallurgical coal from surface and underground mines to power plants, steel mills, and industrial facilities. The company contributes nearly 12% of America’s coal supply from their eleven mining complexes in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Virginia.

The company currently operates 18 active mines and owns or controls approximately 2.9 billion tons of proven and probable recoverable reserves. Among the recoverable reserves, 90% is low in sulfur and 80% meets the most stringent requirements of the Clean Air Act without the application of expensive scrubbing technology. In 2007 alone, Arch Coal sold approximately 135 million tons of coal, including 8.6 million tons of coal they purchased from third parties, fueling as much as 6% of all electricity generated in the United States.

Arch Coal is dedicated to creating superior customer and shareholder value as the safest, lowest cost and most environmentally responsible supplier of coal-based energy in the world. With a leading position is the three major U.S. low-sulfur coal basins, Arch Coal has become the standard in producing cleaner and more energy-efficient coal mines throughout the United States. From their low-sulfur coal mines, the company has played a large part in the nation’s electric utilities industry by dramatically reducing emissions of sulfur dioxide. The company is committed to taking care of the land by ensuring that it be restored to a natural and productive state once mining has been completed.

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