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Arcadia Resources, Inc. (KAD) Announces Improved Financial Results for 2008

Shares of Arcadia Resources, Inc. (AMEX: KAD), a leading provider of innovative consumer health care services under the Arcadia HealthCare brand, climbed higher on the announcement of the company’s significantly improved financial results for its fiscal fourth quarter and the year ending March 31, 2008.

For the quarter, the company announced a net loss of $2.9 million, a significant improvement from the net loss of $29.7 million reported for the fourth quarter one year earlier. Over the past 12 months, Arcadia Resources reported net revenues of $151.0 million, compared with $143.7 million during the previous 12-month period, excluding discontinued operations. The company has now recorded two consecutive quarters of positive cash flow and positive EBITDA from continuing operations.

Looking ahead, the company expects significant revenue growth in its pharmacy segment in 2009. With several new initiatives underway, Arcadia Resources has expanded its core DailyMed program with Evercare, a division of United Health Care, in an effort to continue to grow EBITDA and elevate positive cash flow. These new programs, combined with the improvements the company has made over the past year, will allow Arcadia Resources to escalate revenue growth into fiscal year 2009.

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