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ARCA Biopharma, Inc. (ABIO) Receives Heart Drug Patent

These days it has been all about drug patents going off market. So, when a new patent for a heart drug comes along there is good reason to stand up and take notice. Company revenue may rise or the company itself may get bought. Large gains are certainly possible, but only if the product can make it to market.

ARCA Biopharma Inc., a biopharma company directed toward developing and commercializing genetic oriented products designed to combat heart failure and other cardiovascular issues, has recently made great head way in its work and reconceived a US patent for its efforts.

The company’s product “Gencaro” operates along a particular line of reasoning but has shown the safety issues needing to be met are being addressed in a large clinical trial. In any event, current patient potential estimates are 5.7 heart failures annually and 670,000 new diagnosis’s each year. As society advances it would appear that these numbers will only increase.

As one might suspect, this issuance of a patent has not gone unnoticed by others. Archemix Corp and Laboratory Corp. of America have signed, in various forms, to aid this potentially profitable product to process it forward. At the moment the focus is on the product but the process could be worth more. ARCA Biopharma is certainly worth a look.

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