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ARCA biopharma (ABIO) receives Patent for Methods of Treatment with Bucindolol

ARCA biopharma Inc., a biopharmaceutical company developing genetically targeted therapies for cardiovascular diseases, has been awarded a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the company’s methods of treating patients with bucindolol based on genetic targeting and focused on a specific genotype (homozygous wildtype for Deletion 322-325 in the alpha-2C adrenergic receptor).

The patent entitled “Methods for Treatment with Bucindolol Based on Genetic Targeting” provides patent protection in the United States for the company’s approach to treating patients with bucindolol.

Dr. Michael Bristow, CEO of ARCA biopharma, emphasized the challenges surrounding cardiovascular diseases and how new therapies can address these challenges.

“We are obviously pleased with the USPTO’s issuance of this patent, which we believe extends our pharmacogenetic intellectual property protection around bucindolol,” Dr. Bristow stated in the press release. “Chronic cardiovascular diseases continue to be a major health care problem, and among the challenges to improving care is the uncertainty of patient responses to drug treatment. We believe new therapies that include a simple test to identify a substantial subpopulation of patients more likely to benefit have the potential to alleviate some of the problems encountered with the current standard of pharmacotherapy, where all members of a disease cohort, including those who will not respond, are treated.”

Dr. Bristow said bucindolol is exclusive in its ability to lower the hormone responsible for increasing blood pressure and rate and depth of breathing, as well as raising blood sugar levels and decreasing activity of the intestines.

“A unique pharmacologic property of bucindolol is norepinephrine lowering, and bucindolol’s heart failure clinical responses demonstrated in a large phase 3 clinical trial (BEST) were modulated by this important effect. … Accordingly, we believe prospective knowledge … allows for prediction of the degree of norepinephrine lowering by bucindolol in an individual patient,” Dr. Bristow concluded.

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