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Amish Naturals, Inc. (AMNT) – Doing What Comes Naturally

At Amish Naturals (AMNT), wholesome organic food is their reason for being. The products they manufacture, distribute, and sell reflect the wholesome traditions of the Amish people and their culinary customs. Headquartered in Holmesville, Ohio, Amish Naturals focuses their selling efforts on expanding organic and wholesome foods’ markets.

Amish Naturals, Inc. trades on the OTCBB as part of the Processed and Packaged Goods sector. They have a market capitalization of $53.9M. Their Chief Executive Officer, President, and board member is David Skinner, Sr. His journey to make Amish Naturals known across the country is one that shows the character of the Amish people.

When David retired from his corporate executive life in the financial, manufacturing, and service industries, he and his wife bought a farm in the mountains of North Carolina. During a devastating flood that hit the region, their farm came close to being totally destroyed. Amish friends of theirs volunteered to rebuild their homestead, without any payment for doing so.

After this happened, David opened an Amish store on his farm. In this store, he sold Amish goods including pastas, sauces, jams, and local handcrafts. These products sold so well that David decided to introduce them nationwide. He worked to produce larger quantities of these Amish products efficiently to get wide distribution.

Today, Amish Naturals sells the aforementioned products, along with ketchups, mustards, and salad dressings. Early in May 2008, the company added microwave popcorn to their product line. This is in addition to a granola bar line they recently added. They also sell natural bakery products.

Amish Naturals continues to seek out retail distribution partnerships to increase their market share nationally. lists their products, as do Midwest grocery stores like Buehler’s, Biggs, Woodman’s, and D & W Fresh Markets. Amish Naturals recently acquired Prima Pasta in California. They also acquired the Amish Heritage Line from Pennsylvania/Ohio-based Schlabach Amish Bakery.

With today’s consumer constantly on the lookout for excellent quality organic foods, Amish Naturals strives to meet their needs. Under David Skinner Sr., the company is doing what comes naturally; offering their customers wholesome foods based on years of tradition time-tested by the Amish people.

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