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Amerityre Corp. (AMTY) CEO Presents at Akron’s International Tire Conference

Amerityre Corp. (NASDAQ: AMTY) is a feature presence at the annual International Tire Exhibition and Conference (ITEC). Amerityre president and CEO Gary N. Benninger made two presentations Wednesday at ITEC, which typically attracts 2,500 people from 20-plus countries. The company has invented new polyurethane foam and elastomer materials it says are superior to rubber for many tire and tire product uses.

The three-day conference continues through Wednesday and hosts a World Tire Manufacturer’s trade show from companies around the world. Attendees include tire plant managers, manufacturing managers, tire development personnel, tire compounders, chemists, chemical engineers, materials engineers, tire designers, tire performance engineers, quality assurance, and others involved in the development, design, and manufacturing of tires.

Dr. Benninger’s first presentation was a report on Amerityre’s completion of FMVSS 139 testing on a 245/45R17 polyurethane passenger car tire. He also discussed Amerityre’s efforts to achieve a production rate of one tire per minute.

His second presentation was about Amerityre’s process for manufacturing cost-competitive MDI polyurethane solid tires at a high rate of production. He included laboratory and vehicle test data. A detailed pricing model was also presented to demonstrate competitive pricing of the MDI polyurethane tire with a solid rubber tire.

Following the conclusion of ITEC 2008, the presentations will be posted on Amerityre’s Web site, at

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