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American DG Energy Co. (ADGA) Takes Advantage of an Inefficient Aging United Sates HVAC System in a Greening World

Long-term investing comes in many forms. An investor can look forward and see a profit as a company develops, or see benefit as government looks forward to invest in infrastructure. In other words, there are many ways to address long-term investments. One such way is costs over the longer-term. Building owners are one such group that is particularly wise in this regard. This group sees their costs each month and works to understand how they can reduce costs over this longer-term. Ultimately, this is self serving to increase their own profit on a particular project. A company that can help achieve this end is one that will do the same for their own ends.

American DG Energy Co., a clean energy solutions provider, addresses, installs, owns and operates clean energy systems for institutional and residential customers. The company works primarily with hospitals, local governments and recreational facilities.

Although the company offers all possible practical energy solutions, American DG Energy primarily offers natural gas solutions for heating, cooling and electrical. For the most part, it takes advantage of cogeneration systems to accomplish these tasks. To date, the company has installed over 4,200 kilowatts of energy, 32 million British thermal Units (BTU’s) of heat and 600 tons of cooling capacity.

From all appearances, the company has been making headway as it moves to make itself a player in the energy conservation marketplace. Past the understandable decline of the recent economic times, the company has been seeing a solid and steady slow increase in sales. Its most recent sales success was a sale to a co-operative building in Queens New York. In this recently announced deal, the company will install and maintain a 200 ton chilling unit to replace an older inefficient system.

In a general sense, the company is just as much a service oriented one as it is a hard good supplier. Once a sale is made, depending upon terms, a solid ongoing revenue source has been achieved. American DG Energy seems to be in the right place at the right time as building owners come to the understanding that efficiencies within the energy world can add to substantial savings. As energy systems are recognized as inefficient, they will be replaced with more cost effective systems. American DG Energy is ready to move and take advantage.

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