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All Healthcare Can Benefit from the Cardionet Inc. (BEAT) Business Model

Knowledgeable investors will be delighted to stumble on this stock. It is no mirage in the investment desert of July 2008. This corporation has embarked on a voyage that we can justifiably compare with the most legendary ventures of North America.

This stock requires domain expertise for proper evaluation. Medical professionals of all genres and patients who use the company’s products and services are best positioned to appreciate the breakthroughs in healthcare that this business model provides.

Irregular heartbeats can strike at any time. It is a significant factor of disease and death. A routine medical examination may not always uncover the tendency of a heart to beat too fast, too slow, or to skip beats. That is why patients may suffer emergencies not long after a check from a physician.

This company is still in the small-capital league, but it makes a giant leap in the management of arrhythmias. Physicians can monitor vital heart functions of patients in real-time, and on a continuous basis. Medical intervention can start wherever a patient may be. This dramatically improves the chances of successful medical intervention.

This business model has enormous economic implications as well. A stretched health care system can save on hospital costs through this form of preventive medicine. Many cases of extended bed occupancy and rehabilitation can be avoided altogether. Investors will appreciate the special values of U.S. regulatory approval of this company’s wireless system of real-time cardiac function monitoring.

It is no wonder that the company has an extraordinary record of sales growth over the past three years. This trend has continued over the Most Recent Quarter with more than 100% annual quarterly revenue increases. It is a stock to start watching before other investors realize its potential.

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