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Akeena Solar Inc. (AKNS) is Keen on Clean Energy

They’re looking on the bright side of things at Akeena Solar, Inc. That’s because they’re using the sun in all its natural beauty and power to create clean electricity. The result of their efforts benefits the environment, Akeena’s customers, and provides for strong growth for the company.

Akeena Solar, Inc. is part of the Building Materials Wholesale sector and trades on NASDAQ. They have a market capitalization of 220.3M, and operate out of Los Gatos, California. They have a management team committed to the environment. CEO Barry Cinnamon began his work with solar power at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Thirty years ago, he was already designing and installing active and passive solar systems, as well as ground coupled heat pump systems.

The company began in 2001 with the desire to harness the sun to produce electricity efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. Today, they are one of the largest national installers of residential and commercial solar power systems in America. They provide their systems to customers in California, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

Akeena Solar has over 1200 customers, and provides them with full service, support, and maintenance for any system the company installs. They perform a complete energy audit for clients to determine their solar power needs, and then adapt a system which allows these clients to cut their energy costs. Akeena also offers in-house custom engineering and design.

April 2008 saw them announce the Star Quality Concrete project. This 410 KW Akeena Solar Power System will contain 1890 solar panels on the rooftop of Star Quality Concrete in downtown San Jose, California. This has the distinction of being the largest commercial solar power system in San Jose. The future is certainly bright for Akeena Solar Inc., their customers, and the environment in which they operate.

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