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Aerosonic Corp. (AIM) Signs Distribution Agreement with Kellstrom Defense, Strengthening Global Presence

Florida-based Aerosonic Corp. is a leading supplier of precision flight products for commercial, business and military aircraft. The company has teamed up with Kellstrom Defense Aerospace Inc., in which Kellstrom will represent and distribute Aerosonic’s products.

Kellstrom Defense, a division of Kellstrom Industries, is a globally recognized industry leader in aftermarket logistics and inventory support for the commercial and defense aerospace industries.

Mark Perkins, executive vice president of Aerosonic, said the agreement leverages the company’s position in the aerospace industry and on the global scene, and expects the agreement to benefit both companies.

“This agreement strengthens our global presence and provides us with over 30 years of experience and over 100 sales professionals with fluency in 15 different languages. We are very excited about the opportunities that we believe this new relationship will generate for both companies,” Perkins stated in the press release.

Scott Campbell, senior vice president and general manager of Kellstrom’s Defense Division, noted the solid relationship between the two companies and their various products.

“The product offering from Aerosonic is a strong complement to the other products that Kellstrom distributes for the C130, P3 and F16 product lines,” Campbell stated. “Further, it offers precision flight products for the F-15, F-18 and AH-64 aircraft which are product lines that Kellstrom has been developing. We are excited about the opportunity of marketing these quality products through our worldwide distribution channels.”

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