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AeroGrow International, Inc. (AERO) is “One to Watch”

Aerogrow is responsible for bringing high-tech mini-gardens into the homes of Americans and others worldwide. They research, develop, and market the AeroGarden, which is the world’s first kitchen-garden appliance. This device allows gardening enthusiasts the opportunity to grow plants in a dirt-free environment using aeroponic technology.

Founded in 2002, AeroGrow International, Inc. (AERO) has corporate headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. They list on NASDAQ as part of the Small Tools and Accessories business sector. Their founder and chairman is Michael Bissonnette. He has 25 years of experience in the funding, development and marketing of revolutionary, technology-based consumer products. His consumer marketing experience includes retail sales distribution, direct mail, radio, and television. He also has experience in long-form infomercials.

The AeroGarden can grow herbs, salad greens, tomatoes, chili peppers, strawberries, and other plants. It can also grow pink roses. All of these items can grow year-round inside the home. The company fulfils the needs of those who want fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers handy any day of the year.

The AeroGarden has a built-in plant lighting system, which sits over the ‘crop’. A built in light-timer automatically turns the lighting system on and off. It also has a reminder system that sends automatic alerts reminding owners when add water and nutrients.

Pre-seeded grow pods, enclosed in mini-greenhouses, are placed in the AeroGarden chamber. These grow pods allow for quick germination of the seeds within. The Aeroponic Optimizing Chamber creates a rainforest environment for the growing plants. The plant roots are suspended in air in a 100-percent humidity environment within the growing chamber, which is high in oxygen. A microprocessor can automatically adjust nutrient delivery, light cycles, and water flow for specific types of plants.

With this technology, AeroGrow International continues to develop ways to bring more of the garden into the home. They seek to make it easier for consumers to eat well, with fresh plant foods available in any season. AeroGrow continues to promote their kitchen garden appliance for both their customer’s and shareholder’s benefit.

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