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AE Biofuels Inc. (AEBF) Sees the Alternatives in Energy

AE Biofuels is an advanced energy company that develops, constructs, and operates biodiesel and ethanol facilities in the United States and India. They concentrate on fuel-grade ethanol, biodiesel from ethanol, and biodiesel production facilities. They are working to commercialize their next-generation technology that will aid in producing biofuels from non-food and traditional materials.

Headquartered in Cupertino, California, AE Biofuels trades on the OTCBB as part of the Specialty Chemicals industry. They have a current market capitalization of $339.54M. The company’s goal is to be a leading producer and seller of renewable fuels worldwide.

AE Biofuels owns 74 percent of a biodiesel refinery in India. Their plans are to upgrade this facility so it reaches a production capacity of 300M gallons of output by the year 2010. The company also has an integrated cellulose/starch ethanol demonstration plant in Butte, Montana. This facility is 9,000 square feet in size.

The company also owns ethanol production plants in Nebraska and Illinois. In Nebraska, they own the Sutton site, which has an expected capacity of 100M gallons per year. In Danville, Illinois, they also own a Sutton site, which has the same expected capacity. The company also has sites in Stillman Valley, Gilman, and Allen Station, Illinois. These three locations are permitted for 115M gallons per year. In addition, AE Biofuels has a joint venture with Renewable Technology Corporation for developing ethanol production processes.

The company recently announced the signing of a joint development agreement with DS Development, a subsidiary of DS Group. This agreement is to construct, own, and operate a 75M gallon per year biodiesel plant near Rosario, Argentina. Soy oil will be the primary feedstock of this facility due to Argentina’s plentiful supply of this commodity. Construction of the biodiesel plant rests on securing necessary project financing.

AE Biofuels continues to explore and develop renewable fuels. They also continue to develop the technologies needed to make these products commercially viable. They see the possibilities for biodiesel and ethanol for the benefit of the environment, their company, and their shareholders.

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