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Adept Technology, Inc. (ADEP) Partners with Isthmus to Demo New Cell Handling Robotics at Solar Power International Show

Adept Technology, Inc. and Isthmus Engineering have partnered for the exhibition of a new robotic system designed to handle solar cells at this year’s Solar Power International 2009 (SPI 2009) show in Anaheim, California.

This new system will utilize Adept’s tried-and-tested Quattro(TM) s650 robot. This unit has a threshold response time faster than anything else in the industry and is suitable for a wide range of applications including clean-room operation. What differentiates this new system, however, is the unique application of Adept’s fully integrated Automation Control Environment (ACE), using the outstanding AdeptSight 3.0 software suite for inspection and guidance. This solution provides an optically controlled, high-speed armature perfect for the photovoltaic manufacturing sector.

The system will be on show at SPI 2009 in Isthmus Engineering’s booth #753 from Oct. 27-29. Sales director for Isthmus Engineering, Steve Kinderman, was excited at the prospects of this unveiling because, as he put it, “This show is truly a ‘must attend’ event that attracts the widest range of professional solar attendees”. Kinderman also indicated that the booth would make available the company’s automation engineers so that attendees could participate in a spontaneous Q&A regarding “even the most complex” potential applications of this innovative and unique systems architecture.

Because the SPI 2009 show is regarded as the single most important tradeshow for the photovoltaic industry, it offers maximum exposure for the new product, with over 900 companies and 22,000 attendees on average. The show draws industry professionals from all across the spectrum and from all over the world. Investors and vendors alike will be milling around the floor of what is billed by the organizer as “North America’s largest business-to-business solar industry event”.

President and CEO of Adept, John Dulchinos, spoke about the rapidly growing solar industry and the place for this co-developed system, saying, “The SPI show has become a premier gateway for international companies conducting business in the U.S. solar market.” Dulchinos regaled eager listeners about the upcoming demo of the new system, boldly proclaiming that attendees would, “see firsthand how Adept solar products and Isthmus Engineering’s solutions help solar device and equipment manufacturers realize lower costs and improved quality.”

Adept is recognized as an industry-leading provider of precision, automated robotics. Its array of products offer customers a complete solution in which software, motion attenuation, optical guidance, and robotics all combine to form Adept’s sophisticated, customizable systems. The partnering with Isthmus Engineering, a 29-year veteran in process automation, allows unprecedented dovetailing of Adept’s systems into the material handling and assembly end of the exploding solar industry.

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