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Acxiom Corp. (ACXM) Partners with Kynetx to Offer an Unprecedented E-commerce Interoperability Solution

Acxiom® Corporation announced a bold new initiative to tie together multiple websites through a partnership with Kynetx Inc., which will result in leveraging the proprietary Kynetx platform to allow consumers to personalize their shopping and browsing experience.

Kynetx is a pioneer and industry leader in creating context-sensitive user experiences across multiple sites and platforms. By downloading applications which can quickly be personalized to streamline e-commerce for the individual consumer, users will gain unprecedented control and can take advantage of personal discounts and promotions uniquely suited to them. This self-selected profile will stretch simultaneously across multiple sites and environments, bringing a new level of synergistic relativity to the client/supplier relationship.

President and CEO of Acxiom, John Meyer, explained that this new business and development partnership with Kynetx would “enable consumers to drive the content”. Meyer went on to say that this new system would put exceptional and hitherto non-existent power into the hands of consumers, allowing them to “get the content they’re looking for − and in much less time than is required today.”

Meyer signified the remarkable potential of the applications to be offered through this deal with Kynetx, saying that they would “create consumer engagement that no one else is doing in quite the same way”, and that the level of personalization created by this “highly-targeted” approach would dramatically “improve the quality of the interaction”.

Acxiom is a recognized global leader in infrastructure management and interactive marketing services. By emphasizing methodologies which tightly stitch together the customer and its clients, Acxiom is able to bring vast decades of experience to bear via a consultative approach, making the partnership with Kynetx a natural fit. Acxiom plans to figure out the tool integration aspect of this new system with Kynetx at the latter’s Impact Conference on Nov. 18-19.

Senior VP of Identity Solutions for Acxiom, Tim Christin, said of Kynetx that they were “the perfect partner”. Christin also explained that the Kynetx engine, the proprietary technology platform to be employed in the new system, would deliver a “consumer-controlled, cross-site, experiential and context-driven” end-user experience, which would seamlessly extend Acxiom’s “existing identity management solutions”.

Steven Fulling, CEO of Kynetx elaborated on the dovetailing of each company’s capabilities, saying that the partnership would result in a “purpose-centric” Web experience. Fulling addressed the prevailing problem for which companies like Google came into being and by which such companies manage to attain soaring profits, namely the superabundance of information: “we are creating applications that fully achieve users’ goals of finding the best information without getting lost in the clutter”.

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