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Active Power Inc. (ACPW) Receives Purchase Order for High Efficiency Power System

Active Power Inc. (Nasdaq: ACPW) develops eco-friendly, reliable critical power solutions and uninterruptible power (UPS) supply systems to ensure business continuity in the case of power disturbances. The company’s CleanSource (UPS) 1500iC system recently grabbed the attention of a regional healthcare facility in the Netherlands.

The company today announced its CleanSource system will be deployed at the hospital to provide protection for the facility’s first priority equipment. The product’s high efficiency flywheel system outperforms conventional double conversion systems with batteries. According to the press release, the efficiency of the system ensures it will pay for itself within three years of deployment.

“We’re excited about this opportunity,” Jim Murphy, vice president of Sales for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific for Active Power stated. “This order demonstrates the fact we can go head-to-head with conventional battery based systems and win based on our system’s high energy efficiency.”

CleanSource boasts the ability to ensure up to 98 percent energy-efficient while reducing power consumption costs. It provides enough power to rid through power failures and allows time to bridge to a generator. The system takes up less space than other UPS systems and can be located virtually anywhere.

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