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Acorn Energy, Inc. (ACFN) Obtains Exclusive Worldwide Marketing Rights to Solucorp Industries IFS-2C Technology

Acorn Energy, Inc. (ACFN) is a company focused on improving the efficiency of the energy grid and reducing the environmental impact of the energy sector. Acorn’s operating companies leverage advanced technologies to transform the existing energy infrastructure. The company has equity interests in Comverge, CoaLogix, DSIT, Gridsense, Local Power and Paketeria.

The company recently announced that CoaLogix has obtained the exclusive worldwide marketing rights to Solucorp Industries IFS-2C technology for the fixation of heavy metals, such as mercury, for the electric power generation industry. Solucorp’s proprietary technology, which has been tested successfully in the United States, provides a value-added alternative to carbon injection systems.

Utility companies in the United States face significant pressure from state and federal regulators to reduce the mercury emission of their coal fired generating stations. Bill McMahon, chief executive officer of CoaLogix, stated the acquisition of the licensing rights is a significant step towards fulfilling the company’s CoalVision 360 program which provides a cost-effective solution to reduce the environmental footprint of coal-fired plants. The company plans to market the product as IFS-2C, a Solucorp proprietary product under the brand name Metallifix Hg.

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