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ABM Industries Incorporated (ABM): Serving Businesses Well

Founded in 1909 by Morris Rosenberg as a one-man window washing business, ABM Industries Incorporated is a provider of diverse facility maintenance and operations services. They are one of the largest facility contractors listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). ABM Industries provides janitorial, parking, security, engineering, and lighting services.

They provide these services for commercial, industrial, institutional, and retail facilities in the United States and in British Columbia, Canada. Their family of services includes ABM Janitorial, Ampco System Parking, ABM Security Services, ABM Facility Services, ABM Engineering, and Amtech Lighting. ABM Industries Incorporated has their corporate headquarters in New York City and employs approximately 75,000 people. As part of the Business Services industry, the company has over $2 billion in annual sales and a current market capitalization of $1.09 billion.

ABM Janitorial provides an extensive selection of cleaning services. They also provide customized management support and planning, industrial/technical services leadership, and advanced safety and training programs. They have branch offices across America.

Founded in 1966, Ampco System Parking operates parking facilities that range in size from 10 to 10,000 stalls. They manage parking facilities at airports, colleges and universities, commercial office complexes, hotels, and facilities for municipalities. They also manage parking at retail/entertainment complexes, hospitals and medical centers, shopping malls, special event venues, and for transportation shuttle services.

ABM Engineering Services provides technical maintenance personnel and full-service facility maintenance. They serve high-rise office buildings, public facilities, data centers, industrial plants, and corporate real estate. With their maintenance programs, they maintain everything from mechanical, electrical, plumbing and safety systems to specialized industrial equipment and critical systems.

ABM Security Services, has two sister companies. American Commercial Security Services (ACSS) and Security Services of America (SSA) are together one of the largest employers of security officers in the United States. Founded in 1957, ABM’s Amtech Lighting Services is a leading lighting management company. They serve more than 35,000 locations, with 26 branches and 64 satellite operations across the country. Their certified consultants provide lighting management and retrofit services including detailed space-by-space audits.

ABM Facility Services provides maintenance services, support resources, and management personnel for a broad base of properties and clients. They provide their services for colleges and universities, corporate headquarters, bank branches, high-tech industrial sites, and public facilities. They offer supplier management, electronic billing consolidation, benchmarking and cost accounting, a 24-hour customer service call center, and Web-enabled facility management tools.

ABM Industries Incorporated continues to offer a variety of services to serve different enterprises and institutions. They work to supply their customers’ single services or a bundle of services under their ABM Family of Services. Their years of experience as a provider of facility services serve their customers and shareholders well.

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