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A-Power Energy Generation Systems, Ltd. (APWR) Signs $86M Contract with Thailand’s Biomass Electricity to Construct a 150MW Biomass Plant

A-Power Energy Generation Systems, Ltd., China’s biggest distributed energy (DG) systems provider, revealed today the signing of a major DG contract with Thailand’s Biomass Electricity Co., Ltd. (TBE) to construct a 150-megawatt (MW) biomass plant in Prachinburi, approximately 75 miles east of Thailand’s capital Bangkok.

The Company brings its vast knowledge of DG systems engineering, as evinced by its extant projects and recent major foray into wind turbine manufacturing, to bear squarely on Thailand’s growing demand for environmentally-friendly energy.

The biomass plant contract encompasses all major aspects of execution, from design to the procurement and installation of the three main plant engines and their auxiliary systems.

As general contractor for the five main power stations and their support systems, including chemical water treatment, thermal control, electrical, output and civic engineering systems, APWR will handle all of the most important aspects of the project’s completion.

With a value of $86 million, including design and installation fees, procurement expenses and sub-contracting, this biomass DG facility – which broke ground this month – has an anticipated completion window of 27 months.

More and more diversified into green or alternative energy solutions for China’s emerging alternative energy market, most notably entering the wind turbines energy sector in 2008 with the construction of China’s largest wind turbine manufacturing facility, APWR is increasingly focused on energy-efficient, green power generation projects in the 25-400MW range.

Using technologies licensed from the Denmark-based Norwin A/S, and the German-based Fuhrlander AG, APWR’s wind turbine production plant is a 300k sq. ft. facility located in the state-approved Economic and Technology Development Zone of Shenyang.

The facility has two production lines: an 80/20 joint venture with Norwin for 750KW (expansion potential to 1.5MW) systems; and a 2.7MW turbine system based on the Fuhrlander AG technology.

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