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3Com Corp. (COMS) Announces Availability of Global Security Intelligence Portal

3Com Corp. (Nasdaq: COMS) provides secure, converged voice and data networking solutions for various enterprises. Through its TippingPoint division, 3Com provides network-based intrusion prevention systems for application protection, infrastructure protection and performance protection.

TippingPoint today announced its real-time, global security intelligence portal, ThreatLinQ, is now available to allow customers to protect their network and reduce business risks. Identity theft is just a scratch on the surface of the many types of cyber-threats. The timely discovery and exploitation of the threat is imperative if network security is breached. With TippingPoint’s intrusion prevention system (IPS), organizations can protect their networking assets through real-time assessment and designated security policy.

“Most organizations aren’t equipped to monitor the changing threats in the wild, analyze the data and revise security policies in a timely manner,” Marc Willebeek-LeMair, chief technology officer for TippingPoint stated in a press release. “ThreatLinQ gives our customers the ability to anticipate threats and adjust their IPS policies based on their network security requirements.”

TippingPoint utilizes a global network of “lighthouse” installations, in collaboration with other TippingPoint customers, to thwart malicious threats and attacks. ThreatLinQ not only alerts organizations to a threat, but gives them the ability to view threats on a local and country-based level.

“We’ve found that many attacks are specific to certain parts of the world,” Rohit Dhamankar, director of security research for TippingPoint stated in the press release. “By providing detailed information on the attack source and destination, our customers can make the most informed decision on their IPS filter policies.”

“The presentation of ThreatLinQ and its content is excellent,” David Neild, network development service leader for The University of Leeds stated. “The user interface is simple and easy to navigate.”

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