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Sigma Labs Inc. (NASDAQ: SGLB) Well Positioned to Capitalize on 3D Printing Industry’s Exponential Growth

  • SGLB’s PrintRite3D(R) software disrupts growing 3D printing industry
  • 3D printing recognized as game-changing technology that will enhance numerous industries, from aerospace and construction to oil and gas and medical
  • Multibillion-dollar market expected to produce exponential growth rates for decades

According to a 3D Printing Media Network article (, the latest Formnext 2019 exhibition clearly showed that the 3D printing industry is thriving, showing disruptive potential and ability to save time and money for a wide range of industries. Sigma Labs Inc. (NASDAQ: SGLB), a recognized pioneer in the 3D metal-printing industry, is remarkably well positioned to leverage the explosive growth of the 3D printing industry with its unique PrintRite3D quality-assurance software.

SGLB’s PrintRite3D software revolutionizes the commercial 3D metal-printing industry as the only real-time, in-process, quality-assurance software that enables nondestructive quality-control intervention during the production process. Furthermore, this enables the creation of documentation for the quality of parts that customers may archive to preserve proof of quality microstructure of the metal should there ever be an investigation as to the cause of performance failure. The software’s unique abilities solves the industry’s most significant hurdle that prevents it from growing at scale.

Formnext, the premier, global 3D-printing exhibition and conference held annually in Frankfurt, Germany, was bigger than ever – proving that the emerging industry is snowballing as it gains momentum among manufacturers and investors alike. According to 3D Printing Media Network, the additive manufacturing industry has been growing at the annual rate of 35% for the past three decades, and it will continue to do so for the next century and beyond until it eventually becomes the primary method of manufacturing. These impressive growth rates, equivalent to the industry’s doubling in size every two years, are in line with Moore’s law that drives dynamics in the digital world, endowed with exponential growth potential.

The number of companies presenting at Formnext will continue to grow as AM firms are increasingly specializing in specific verticals, such as dental, machine tools, aerospace, construction, automotive and oil and gas in addition to medical and bioprinting. For these verticals to embrace 3D printing in their manufacturing processes, the 3D metal-printing industry must be able to increase production speed and quality while at the same time reducing the excessive cost of post manufacturing quality control.

Currently, the only solution that brings these benefits is SGLB’s PrintRite3D quality-assurance software, which allows detection of quality-control problems during the manufacturing process. This game-changing software not only identifies production anomalies in real time but provides operators with actionable information that allows them to promptly implement repairs as soon as defects are detected, thereby reducing rejects and saving time and money.

The industry’s hallmark conference, Formnext, showed that the 3D printing has outgrown the tight-knit, enthusiastic group of professionals where it began, maturing into an industry that will transform manufacturing. The article observes that the 3D printing industry is growing along two diverging paths. The first includes traditional market leaders that have been growing between 10% and 20% annually, even through the industry’s hardest times. Although they continue to be the ones that sell the most systems, these market leaders belong to a more traditional way of doing business that often collides with exponential, digital growth, so many will struggle to compete with aggressive, well-funded and more digitalized challengers.

As the article reports, these challengers are a new generation of market players, mainly originating in the United States, that attract investors with a business model based on industrializing 3D printing as a scalable production solution. The model aims at selling industrial 3D printers – even those with price tags above $100,000 – not by the ones, but by the tens, hundreds and eventually thousands.

“AM is a tiny percentage of global manufacturing and – even though most operators don’t want to say it – will eventually become the primary method of manufacturing,” the article states, observing that if hundreds of companies are to sell machines by the thousands, it will require that 3D companies are used to manufacture millions of parts. However, going from producing ten parts to producing a million parts at a 35% annual growth rate would take around 40 years, the article concludes.

As a pioneer in the 3D metal-printing industry, SGLB is an attractive investment opportunity that allows investors to benefit from its early positioning as a game changer enabling the scale-up of the 3D metal-printing industry. With its revolutionary quality-control software, SGLB creates a pathway for the projected exceptional 3D metal-printing growth to materialize. The company is a well-timed investment that provides investors with an opportunity to capitalize on the exponential growth of the industry at an early stage, with valuations to match.

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