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PITOOEY! Inc. (PTOO) Subsidiary Keeps Business on Top of the Web

A key digital social media and marketing subsidiary of PITOOEY!, Choice One Mobile develops and implements customizable design strategies for clients, focused on the client’s unique digital marketing requirements. It’s a highly efficient way for businesses wanting to create a credible web presence, whether they are new to the idea or already established. Choice One Mobile can help build a powerful web presence from scratch, or can significantly enhance and improve an existing presence. The company combines target market knowledge with value-based content and results-driven SEO, and also ensures that a client keeps up with the constant flow of change on the Web.

Choice One Mobile knows that business clients aren’t well served by using a one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. That’s an approach that may have worked in years past, but today’s business requires a synergistic combination of content, SEO, and the viral potentials of social media. Choice One Mobile has surrounded itself with industry professionals who are recognized experts in each of those fields. They know what works today, but also keep the fingers on the pulse of developing technologies.

Choice One Mobile services include:

• Mobile Marketing
• Text Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Video Marketing
• Fan Pages for Facebook
• Mobile Websites
• Value Based Content Writing

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