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Pitooey!, Inc. (PTOO) Push and Pull Profit Potential

Communication has changed radically in the last few decades. New mediums have displaced traditional formats and most everything has moved to digital. Like everything else, advertising and marketing have shifted into the digital era to take advantage of the new mediums which are now mobile and direct to the consumer. However, consumers are often bombarded and overwhelmed with all the mobile offers pushed to them. Recently, a technological shift occurred in the digital advertising and marketing arena. This change not only benefits businesses but empowers consumers.

A new player has entered the digital marketing arena with solutions that could have a dramatic impact on communications between business and the consumer. PITOOEY! provides social and mobile marketing products and services for business and consumers through its wholly owned subsidiaries: Choice One Mobile and PITOOEY! Mobile.

Choice One Mobile is a digital and social media and marketing company that deliver customizable digital marketing solutions for business. Choice One Mobile’s services help establish a credible Web presence and leverage a business’s existing consumer knowledge to maximize profitability.

PITOOEY! Mobile is a consumer centered proprietary mobile app. This new mobile application is a profile based search engine within a mobile app. It lets users personalize profiles of their favorite businesses and enables them to receive info, offers, and updates on their own terms.

The PITOOEY! app is a preference based, searchable ad network. Using the proprietary PITOOEY! platform, businesses are able to upload messages and offers into a database, which consumers “pull” based on their pre-chosen preferences. This gives businesses a unique marketing interface while delivering consumers content, deals, and location-based information.

A mobile application designed not to “integrate” (hide) advertising within a consumer product, PITOOEY! is built from the ground up to manage an infinite number of robust, dynamic, and individualized advertising messages – i.e. marketing that the consumer actually wants. The consumer controls the timing and selection of advertising, while simultaneously the business controls the ad content. The result is a clear value proposition for both the consumer and business, and pushes PITOOEY! to a leading position in today’s digital advertising world.

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