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PITOOEY!, Inc. (PTOO) Driving Business-to-Consumer Interactions through Revolutionary Mobile App

PITOOEY! Inc., a full-services digital marketing agency that offers customized marketing strategies to businesses that require a wholly new online presence or need the slightest tweaking, says that it is changing the way businesses and consumers are interacting with each other via a mobile platform.

Previously at the edge of forecasting mobile platform-based products for the entertainment and real estate marketplaces years before mobile apps such as Zillow and Broadwayworld made their mark, the company’s management team is now using its extensive knowledge and experience in mobile marketing trends to charter new waters—and to take the mobile platform-based customer loyalty advertising market in a whole new direction.

Namely, PTOO is pushing for market innovation with its flagship “consumer-centric” mobile app, Pitooey!, through its wholly owned subsidiary, PITOOEY! Mobile, Inc. The app is the first to allow easy, customized communications flow between consumer-facing businesses and consumers that serve businesses’ interest of greater customer acquisition and consumers’ interest in receiving information and content that fits their individual preferences at times they deem acceptable.

How the app works is simple. It allows consumers to locate their favorite businesses using an in-app profile-based search engine and then to subscribe to receive discount deals, message updates, or location-based information from them. They are able to control the timing of the content delivery as well. Businesses from all consumer-facing industries (e.g., retail locations, hospitality, and more) can sign up to be a part of the app’s online business community to take full advantage of these communication avenues. Since consumer-users opt in for and control their content delivery subscriptions, participating businesses clear the difficult hurdle of delivering timely, engaging product or service information that is fashioned to their target audiences’ interests.

Participant businesses can also add to or modify the messages and offers they send via a database, from which consumers receive the information based on their pre-chosen preferences. On the consumer-user side, Pitooey! features an easy-to-navigate interface for optimal information delivery flow.

Unlike many apps, PTOO says the Pitooey! app enables communication flow between businesses and consumers with the understanding of the importance of advertising and information delivery that is consumer interest-oriented. Currently on iTunes there are around 2,400 “lifestyle” apps, 2,300 “coupon” apps, and 3,100 “deal” apps, and 800 “loyalty” apps. Pitooey! takes all of these elements and combines them into one effortless, unprecedented customer loyalty app that the company says will help pioneer new levels of interaction between consumers and vendors in mobile marketing.

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